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Hudson River Cafe

The highlight of the Hudson River Cafe is the outdoor seating area. A two level patio with a bar that serves cocktails and sangrias is situated next to gated garden walls. The patio will eventually host live music in the the evenings.

Indoors, the decor is open and airy dressed in an elegant red, black and white color scheme. The indoor bar serves up signature cocktails that pay tribute to the area such as the Sweet Cotton Club Mojito that is spiked with Strawberry infused gin, Grant’s Tomb that blends Stoli and coconut and the Sugar Hill martini with an exotic blend of Grand Marnier, cinnamon and pineapple.

While the main focus of the menu is seafood, chef Ricardo Cardona will be showcasing his unique blend of Latin fusion cuisine. Chef Ricardo learned his craft in the kitchens of such establishments as the Ritz Carlton, Sofrito, Mama Juana, 809 Sangria Bar and Grill, and Lua.

Check out Hudson River Cafe newest Fall / Winter menu for HRC. The current menu has been enhanced with eight (8) new entrees, three (3) new salads and five (5) new appetizers. The new menu is online at www.hudsonrivercafe.com, see whats hot & new. And the best part of the menu; We've lowered our prices!!!

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Hudson River Cafe

697 West 133rd Street
just North of Fairway
New York, NY
212-491-9111 phone

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